Luxury Bath Systems Has  The Solution For Today’s Busy Homeowner Since 1988. Luxury Bath Systems Has Been Saving Homeowners thousands of dollars In Remodeling Cost. When It’s Time To Replace Your Existing Bath Or Shower Luxury Bath Systems Has The Solution !

The Benefits Of Luxury Bath Systems are Affordable, Easy To Clean ,No Demolition ,No Mess , Custom Colors, One Day Install, No Stress , Ready To Use, lifetime warranty, High Gloss,  High Quality, Microban Built In

With Our Full Line Of Bath Accessories , Acrylic Bath Liners , Replacement Bath tubs, Replacements Showers ,Acrylic Shower Enclosures ,Custom Bath & Shower Walls , Walk In Tubs Tub To Shower Conversion. Luxury Is Sure To Have Everything Need To Update & Remodel Your Bathroom ! 

Has the appearance of your bathroom changed over the years? Of course it has. But, is your space sporting a discolored tub, old tiles that no longer match your décor, and a generally worn look? If this sounds like your bathroom, your space is in need of remodeling.

If you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or New York, contact Luxury Bath Systems for any bathroom renovation, remodeling, or bath tub refinishing. We service towns across New Jersey with bathroom remodeling services and our own acrylic bath surfaces for installation. Additionally, we also do work in the New York City area, including Staten Island, and the Philadelphia area, including northern suburbs in Bucks County.

Luxury Bath Systems has been manufacturing acrylic bath surfaces and installing them since 1988. Since that time, we’ve developed products like Lux-Bond – an adhesive for installing tub liners in place of double-sided tape – and have acquired an exclusive license to use Microban in our shower and tub liners.

Are you trying to do bathroom remodeling for your New Jersey home on a budget? Perhaps you should consider tub liners first. If your current bath tub displays stains and superficial cracks, a liner can cover up the damage – and give your bathroom a whole new look. Installation involves removing any knobs and shower fixtures and securing the liner with Lux-Bond, and Luxury Bath Systems can do the procedure in a day or less.

Full-scale bathroom renovation for your New Jersey home is also possible with our services. In addition to adding a replacement tub or liner, we also do walls with tile or wainscot. Browse our selection of bath tiles to see what we can offer, and choose from solid colors, stone-like patterns, and simulated tile walls to add to your bathroom in any remodeling project. In addition, bathroom remodeling for your New Jersey home can include all aspects, even down to the shelves and shower doors added.