Almond & Slates

The beauty of stone our Almond slates look just like natural stone ! create a new bath or shower and surround it with one of these gorgeous wall systems

available in all textures & patterns

A stone surface makes a wall stand out. Don’t let the walls of your bathroom blend in with the sink and bathtub – give them an identity. Almond and Slates are some of the acrylic bath tiles and wall systems we offer. With the appearance of real stone minus the upkeep, these slate and almond-colored acrylic materials can go anywhere in your bathroom. Line all the walls with acrylic slate bath tiles, and even add it behind the shower or bathtub.

Find a light or dark shade from our selection of Almond and Slates acrylic wall surfaces. Almond-colored acrylic bath tiles have a uniform appearance, and slate offers modest color variation.

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