Biscuit Travertine

Choose Our Biscuit Travertine orĀ  biscuit wall systems and it will transform your bathroom into a new modern bath in as little as one day !

If white is too bright and almond too dark, is any shade in between? For the various degrees of off-white shades, biscuit and travertine are in the middle. Not quite beige but beyond just a hint of color, biscuit and travertine are two options in our selection of acrylic wall systems. A bathroom wall may just need to stand out, and when some colors are too bold, an off-white shade allows it to be distinct but not overpowering.

Biscuit and travertine acrylic bath tiles for your New Jersey bathroom are available in several patterns and textures. Consider a solid surface for an even appearance, or go with the look of traditional bath tiles.

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