Luxury’s Acrylic Replacement Bathtubs & Liners are made from the best acrylics in the idustries.

With over 1400 bathtub molds your New Luxury Bath liner is sure to be a perfect fit! Choose the design of your new tub liner and Luxury does the rest in as little as two hours you can have a brand new bath tub!

All Luxury Bath Liners are installed with Lux-Bond our very own adhesive we use a four part epoxy to bond the new tub liner to your existing bath tub for a solid as a rock feel and no squishy feel in the tub bottom, unlike other bath fitting or bath liner companies

If you want to just replace your existing bath tub with a replacement bathtub Luxury has a large selection of replacement bathtubs,whirlpool tub, soaker bath tubs, and walk in bath Tubs. Luxury Bath can help with your bath renovation, Luxury replacement tubs are made to fit in all bathroom  renovations.

All of our bath products are east to clean and available in many colors to make Designing your bath easier than you think. call and see for yourself how easy a mew luxury bathroom Really Is.

Accessible Tub Solutions

We can replace your current. high sided tub with one that’s has a leak-proof side door allowing you to still enjoy a soothing soak with ease allowing safer access.

As with all our products the tub is crafted of high quality acrylic .you can also add optional accessories like safety grab bars and whirlpool jets if your need demands it our walk In tubs are certified and tested by the NAHB Research Center registered with the US Food And  Drug Administration as a medical device and meets or exceeds HUD and ANSI requirements.

Bathtubs experience wear and tear over time. Mold and mildew may stain the surface, or small cracks start to form. Instead of tolerating a less-pleasing appearance, have a bathtub liner installed. Luxury Bath Systems installs bathtub liners in New Jersey homes, and the full refinishing process takes less than a day.

Made from the strongest acrylic available, bathtub liners installed by Luxury Bath Systems offer a perfect fit. 1,400 possible bathtub molds are available, and Lux-Bond is used to install each liner. A four-part epoxy, Lux-Bond attaches the liner the existing bathtub surface, removing any air pockets between.

Luxury Bath Systems can install more than liners into your New Jersey bathroom, and we offer several acrylic bathtubs to replace your existing model. Replacement, whirlpool, soaker, and walk-in tubs are part of our selection, and we also install accessible bathtubs. Replacing a high-sided design, these accessible bathtubs offer a leak-proof side door, and each is certified by the NAHB Research Center, registered with the U.S. FDA as a medical device, and meets or exceeds HUD and ANSI requirements. Safety grab bars and whirlpool jets can also be added.

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