New Jersey Tub to Shower Conversions

Tired of steping over your existing bath tub ?we can make the bathroom in your  home safer to shower in .

we can replace your current bathtub with a stand up shower . one of the many benefits your will enjoy is how easy it will be to get in and out of your  new shower with ease . luxury bath systems has been been helping homeowner all over new jersey,new york, staten island and pennsylvania make their bathroom much safer to shower in . with a luxury tub to shower conversion

you will no longer have to worry about steping over your old bathtub and risk a fall due to the heigh of your existing  tub .our acrylic shower bases are made to fit into the existing tub opening and with a standard height of only six and a half inches it will be much easier to get into. luxury bath can turn any old tub  into a luxury  shower with very little demoliltion . your new shower will be ready to use withing two days .

luxury bath also offers a full line of ada  shower bases and accessible bath products ,roll in shower bases , shower seats , custom grab bars are all designed to make you safer in the shower and also while getting in and out of the shower

if you know someone who struggles to get in and out of the bath a perfect solution would be a shower conversion

the freedom of being able to shower when they want without having to worry about a fall  or call for assistance .

luxury bath systems has a large selection of shower bases for this special pourpose and we can also fit and acrylic shower wall over your existing bath walls to complement your bath to shower conversion if you have been thinking of how to make taking a shower less of a chore and more relaxing then luxury bath of new jersey , new york ,staten island ,and pennsylvania

has the perfect solution .rip out your old bathtub  and replace it with a luxury shower .

all luxury bath products come with a lifetime warranty and microban product protection built in

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