Luxury Shower systems

When It’s Time To Remodel Your Shower  Luxury Has The Solution

         Acrylic Replacement Shower Bases .Luxury offers a full line of replacement shower pans if you are thinking of replacing your bathtub with  a shower [ Tub to Shower Conversion] or just replacing your old fiberglass shower unit with a  new acrylic luxury shower.  We have  shower remodeling  products for all .walk In showers ,stand up showers, ADA Complainant showers , Small shower stalls, Neo angle  , for a truly custom shower

Add some of our shower accessories like  shower seats , security sars , shower caddies , shower doors.

Luxury Shower Solutions

Many one piece fiberglass units look good when new , but as soon as their shiny microthin gelcoating wears off, and they start looking Old And Worn.

The solution is a high gloss, acrylic system from luxury bath systems . It’s on porous and wont chip dent crack or peel .

Our installers can incorprate your bath’s current featuress such as windows with new decorative trim.

you can customize your shower with accessories , and even carry the new and improved look to the rest of your bathroom with our Exclusive Acrylic  Wainscoting for a total new shower remodel

Remember when its time to remodel choose Luxury !

Contact Luxury Bath Systems for shower remodeling for your New Jersey home. When your shower needs a new look, we’re the company to contact. In business since 1988, Luxury Bath Systems has developed acrylic products for the shower and innovative installation methods.

Installing replacement shower bases is one of our specialties. With several acrylic products in our store, we can give your shower a new base – and a new look. We replace bases for walk-in, stand up, and ADA-compliant showers. Additionally, we’ll add more features to your shower, if needed. Consider including seats, caddies, shower doors, and grab bars in your shower remodeling project.

Aside from the base, another aspect of the shower that we remodel is the wall material. Browse our wall systems section to see all of the possible colors and patterns that can be added. All new material is acrylic wainscot and will give your existing shower a new and fresh appearance.

All acrylic products for your shower are made with Microban for antimicrobial protection. Luxury Bath Systems is an exclusive licensee in North America to Microban and adds it to various shower and tub liners. Microban prevents the growth of bacteria, which can cause stains and odors to form in and around the shower.

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